• 228 Peace Park

    228 Peace Park

    The park is built in a traditional style, with Japanese garden landscaping and ponds,‧‧‧

    Distant our location about 1.6km,drive about 7 min
  • The Beimen Camera Street

    The Beimen Camera Street

    There are many The Beimen Camera Street photography products from the shops and stores along the street…

    Distant our location about 1.2km,drive about 6 min
  • The Astoria café

    The Astoria café

    The foods are delicious attracting the woman who is the wife of ex-president Chiang Ching-kuo to taste for many times!

    Distant our location about 0.9km,drive about 4 min
  • Zhongshan Hall

    Zhongshan Hall

    Built in 1928, during Japanese colonial era, to commemorate the accession of Emperor Hirohito.…

    Distant our location about 0.5km,drive about 3 min
  • Snow King ice cream

    Snow King ice cream

    It has everything, including some very special one-of-a-kind options – they even offer savory ice creams with flavours such as braised pig’s foot and….

    Distant our location about 1.1km,drive about 6 min