As an energetic young brand,Joy Hedo Hotel Group upholds the belief of:
Innovative exuberance
Regard guests as family 
Enjoy happiness
in order to create a relaxing, inviting environment.
We do not emphasize a unique, strong personality.
Rather, we have created JoyHedo Hotel inspired by the concept of “Having fun casually and freely”.
Furthermore, we cordially welcome every traveler with our affordable prices, so that they can have a place to rest and unwind for a while before embarking on the next leg of their journey.




Room types

  • 高級雙人房 Superior Double

  • 豪華雙人房 Deluxe Double

  • 豪華雙床房 Deluxe Twin

  • 豪華三人房 Deluxe Triple

  • 豪華四人房 Deluxe Quadruple

  • VIP行政四人套房(雙床房) VIP Deluxe Quadruple

  • VIP行政套房 VIP Deluxe Double

Supplies we provide in every room include:free coffee、tea bag、towels and toiletries.
(Remarks:The decorating style in every room is unique, the above pictures are reference for you.)
Floor Plan

 1F 入口 Entrance
    接待櫃台 Reception counter
    餐廳 Restaurant
2F~3F 客房 Guest Rooms
5F~9F 客房 Guest Rooms
Breakfast Buffet


After 1-night sleep, we prepare lavish breakfast, meat、eggs、vegetables、milk、coffee,etc. to supply the energy for new trip and all day.To give you the full power welcoming new day.
Site:1F restaurant
Service :open space、drinks、foods are no-limit supplying(The food items depend on reality)
Service center


Hotels provide the following service. If you have any demand, please contact the counter staff.

諮詢服務 Consulting service
快遞服務 Delivery service
交通工具安排 Transportation arrangement
外叫計程車 Organize taxi
行李運送或寄存 Baggage delivery or deposit
失物認領 Lost and found
鮮花服務 Flowers service
代客衣物送洗服務 Valet laundry delivery service
We provide sending out the laundry. If you need please ask the counter staff to get the laundry bag and laundry list.

電話服務 Phone service
Contacting between rooms please dial “2” first, then dialing the room numbers directly.
Calling the counter, please dial “0”
免費Wi-Fi  Free Wi-Fi
本館提供Wi-Fi無線網路。請搜尋「HEDO HOTEL」密碼「0223615889」即可連接上網。若有問題,請撥打「0」聯絡櫃檯總機。
We provide Wi-Fi network, please search 「HEDO HOTEL」and password 「0223615889」. If you have any problem, please use the phone in hotel to dial “0” contacting the counter staff.
A part of service need to charge fees, any question please ask the counter staff.
More Narrative

中西式自助早餐 Breakfast Buffet

We provide abundant chinese&western breakfast every morning from AM06:30-AM10:00


退房  Check out

Return the room card before the date of checking -out 11:00AM. If you want to delay or extend the accommodation ,please dial “0” contacting the counter staff in advance. And we will charge NTD $300/per if the room card is damaged or lost.


館內禁菸 No-smoking in the hotel

Followed the 〈TOBACCO CONTROL LAWS〉which enacted by Taiwanese government, the guests are   prohibited  smoking in the hotel. Please go outside if you have the smoking.


客房內物品 The room items

Please take care the items in the hotel or you have to compensate followed the price in market. If you want to buy, please ask the counter staffs.


客房寧靜 Quiet rooms

To have the quiet rooms,please don’t talk in loud voice every day before 8:00AM and after 10:00PM.
Our location is near downtown so may cause a bit noise. we offer free disposable earplugs for you if needed. Good night!


請打掃 / 住客在內 Please make up room / Room occupied

If you need housekeeping service or you don’t want to be disturbed, please press the button immediately. If you need other services, please inform the counter.
(Notice: In order to ensure guests safety, our hotel reserves the right to check all rooms every day.)


飲用水服務 Drinking-water

For your convenience, every room has prepared free bottle water for you. There is drinking fountains at the 1F.


節省能源 Save the energy

Please pull out the room card when you are going outside.


空調設備 Air conditioning

Every room has an  independently air conditioner for controlling interior temperature. If you need help, please dial “0” to the counter staff.


信用卡 Credit card

You can use VISA、Master、JCB and UnionPay cards for consumption in the hotel.


客房內電壓 Room voltage

The voltage in guest rooms is 110 volts with socket, which is available to different countries. If you still need the transformer. please dial dial “0”


報紙 Newspaper

There are books,magazines and Chinese newspaper at RF  for reading there.


寵物須知 Pets notice

The pets can’t enter in the hotel to maintaining the accommodation quality.(Expect the guide dog)


訪客須知 Visitors notice

If the visitors come to your room staying after 11:00PM, they have to be registered  according to the regulations.


晨喚服務 Morning call service

If you need the service please dial “0” to the counter for arrangements.


其他注意事項 Other consideration

The hotel can’t accept you bring the  pets, contraband in. The hotel didn’t provide the service of adding beds.
About Your Safety


The Hedo HOTEL and its staff reserve the right to enter your room. Even when this displayed for maintenance, safety, security or any other purpose. The Hedo HOTEL staff will knock and announce their presence before entering.

本館安全合於建築規章,並裝設有最現代化之緊急偵測系統。每一間客房門後設有避難逃生圖,以便讓顧客了解所在樓層走廊滅火器/ 陽台逃生設備/ 消防栓及警鈴位置。

We install the most modern emergency detection system according to the construction regulation.There is evacuation map behind the doors every room to make the customs understand the location of fire extinguisher/balcony escape equipment/fire hydrant.


If you discover  there is fire or smoke in the room,please do the following instruction to protect yourself:
1.請撥打「0」聯絡櫃台總機。 Dial “0” contacting the counter staff.
2.撥打電話119通知消防局,並說明您的位置(姓名及飯店地址)。 Call “119” to the fire department and  inform them the name and address.
3.請攜帶您的房卡離開房間,並關上身後的門。Take the room card leaving and close the room doors behind you.
4.警告同區的其他人。 Warn other people.
5.啟動最近的火災警鈴。Start up the closest fire alarm.
6.走到最近的逃生梯離開飯店,切勿搭乘電梯。 Don’t take the elevator, leave the hotel by escape ladder.
7.如果已有濃煙產生請採取低身姿態離開。  If there is smoke, please leave by the low profile.


If you are requested to wait in room.
1.請勿驚慌,在房間內保持鎮靜。 Don’t be panic, stay calm in rooms.
2.關閉空調。 Turn off the air conditioner.
3.在浴缸或洗臉盆內注滿備用。  Fill the bathtub and washbasin with water.
4.請撥打櫃檯分機「0」,並告知您的位置。 Please  dial“0”contacting the counter staff.
5.請用濕毛巾及床單阻塞房門下緣及空調出風口。 Please block the lower edge of the door by wet towels.
6.卸下窗簾。Take down the curtains.
7.如果濃煙已滲入房間,請用濕毛毯覆蓋於頭上。 If the smoke has entered in the room, put the wet blanket on your head.
8.最後若空氣中的濃煙過濃,必須將窗戶打開少許。如無法打開,可用抽屜或椅子擊破。但若火勢由低樓之外面燒出,即不可開窗。 The last, if the smoke is too heavy ,you can open the window or break it down.


If you have to leave the room
1.請小心離開。若察覺房門不燙,輕開門並尋找二邊最近的逃生口標示。 Please from the nearest exit on your both side and eave carefully.
2.請攜帶你的房卡離開房間,並關上身後的門。如果已有濃煙產生請採取低身姿態離開。 With your room card and close the door behind you, and leave by the low profile if there is smoke.
3.走到最近的逃生梯離開飯店,切勿搭乘電梯。 Don’t take the elevator!


If you are requested to  leave the room and the door handle is too hot.
1.千萬不可開啟房門。 Don’t open the door.
2.撥打電話119通知消防局,並說明您的位置(姓名及飯店地址)。 Call “119”informing fire department tell  them your name and address.
3.請撥打「0」聯絡櫃台總機,並告知您的位置。 Dial “0” contacting the counter staff tell them your location.
4.將毛巾或衣服弄濕塞到房門下並打開空調讓濃煙排出。 Turn on the air-conditioner and wet towels blocking the lower edge of the door.
5.保持冷靜,並等待下一步指示。 Stay calm and wait next instruction.
6.如果您無法離開,您的房間是最安全的地方。 If you can’t leave, your room is the safest place.
Smoke detectors
1.煙霧探測器是用來提供您人身安全。任何人蓄意和惡意的破壞或是任意拆除測器,均屬於違法的行為。 To protect the personal safety, deliberately damaging is illegal.
2.任何人蓄意和惡意的傳遞假警報或是任意啟動火災警報器,均屬於違法的行為。 Any deliberately ringing the alarm is belong to illegals.
If a earthquake occurs, …

3 steps to protect yourself during earthquake shaking:self-protecting actions
1. Drop
2. Cover
3. Hold on
Things you need to pay attention to during the evacuation
  • Turn off fire sources and gases. In order to prevent damaging to gas pipeline, barrel gas pipeline or gas stove joint from earthquakes, make sure you turn off all the fire sources and gas switches before leaving to prevent leakage and gas explosion.
  • Always leave messages for your family members to make sure you can get contact with them after earthquakes. It will be easier for them to see your note on the wall and door.
  • Turn off power.
  • Do note use elevators during this time to make sure you will not be stuck in elevators.
Emergency Sheltering
There is one large emergency evacuation park in each administrative district in order to provide citizens a place to refuge when there is a disaster. On the other hand, citizen can utilize the park as a place to exercise or to rest when there is no disaster.
Automated External Defibrillator

本場所設有AED(自動體外心臟電擊器),70%以上員工已接受CPR+AED (心肺復甦術加自動體外心臟電擊去顫)訓練

Our hotel is equipped with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
70% of our staffs have recieved CPR/AED training (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation/ Automated External Defibrillator)

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